Thursday, April 28, 2011

my favorite sweatshirt

I'm a pretty hip and stylish dog.  I'm always reading the fashion magazines to stay up on the latest trends - and although I typically like to wear a simple collar, I sometimes relax in a hoodie.  Here's pictures of me in my favorite hoodie:

at the local watering hole:

with my good friend duchess:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hi everyone!  I wanted to wish everybody a hoppy Easter!  Look at me dressed up as the Hanker Bunny!

who me eating easter eggs?

my sister daisy also helped me with my bunny duties:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

starting my blog

Hello everyone!  My name is Hank and I'm a dog with a blog!  I got my idea for having a blog from my foster brother Moose.  He had a blog too -  He is a cute little guy and has a new forever home.  He's a pitbull like me.  And like me, he started out with a tough life.  

When I was just a young puppy, I was suppose to be a guard dog at a junkyard.  That's right, I was a junkyard dog!  Back then I was called Tank.  I'm not really the mean junkyard dog type, but I had to stay outside chained up anyway.  During the winter, I didn't have any shelter and it was cold and snowy.  Then someone complained to my owner so I was kept in a basement and not allowed to leave.  Eventually the person that complained came back and took me from the junkyard and into a new home.  I had to get some stitches on my legs because I had bad cuts.  

My new home after the junkyard was great!  I was with some other brothers and sisters and I people paid attention to me!  That's great because I LOVE attention.  I also had my name changed from Tank to Hank.  Tank is too mean of a name for a friendly guy like me.  

Eventually, my foster family found me a new forever home by doing an outreach event at Petsmart.  I have a sister named Daisy and a gray kitty named Duchess in my new family.  I love my forever home!

So that's the story of how my life started - look how cute I am on the original flyer from Petsmart:

I'll keep adding posts from time to time, so keep checking back!