Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Hankmas!


Twas the night before Hankmas, when all through the house
Little Buddy Bear dreamed - add sweetness, a heavy douse.
Out in the living room, all was silent and hush,
Sweet dreams had begun, to the morning no rush.

Daisy and Duchess, lay asleep in their bed,
Duchess dreamed of eating more, Daisy dream-ran instead.
All little animals hoped that sometime in the night,
Santy Paws would visit, oh they hoped that he might!

Then out in the yard there was a large bang,
Or was it a Christmas bell on a sleigh that Hank heard rang?
Hank jumped from his sleep and to the window he hurried,
What was the noise?  Around the corner he scurried.

Out in the yard, Hank saw nothing strange,
A street lamp was lit, was that a squirrel with mange?
But then in the distance, something remarkable appeared,
Hank thought he saw a sleigh over the houses it cleared!

And in front of the sleigh there were large furry creatures
With brown hair and hooves, and heads with pointy features.
Reindeer they must be, so nimble and quick,
And who was that in the sleigh, was it St. Nick?

But listening close, it was not St. Nick at all,
Hank heard a loud holler - from the sleigh came a call,
"Sweet doggies and kitties and little guinea pigs,
all animals so cute, from the smalls to the bigs..."

"I come bearing treats for the animals all around,"
"I'm Santy Paws, you know, St. Nicholas the Hound!"
Oh how excited little Hanker Bear became,
It was the Santy Paws, the one of great fame!

Now the question became would Santy Paws come by?
And what would he bring if he came from the sky?
Hank had been good the whole year so long, 
Duchess and Daisy had also done no wrong!

And sure as could be, Hank heard up on the roof,
Was that the sound of a sleigh and did Hank hear a hoof?
As soon as those sounds transpired up above,
Santy Paws came down the chimney with a great noisy shove.

A red coat with white trim he was proudly wearing
Hank hoped that from the red bag there would be treats for the sharing.
Santy Paws glistened with happiness and wonder,
While reindeer pranced on the roof with hooves like thunder.

Down on the floor Santy Paws placed his big bag.
Hank thought of the great treats and his tail did so wag!
Opening the bag, Santy Paws looked deep inside
And then he opened the bag up oh quite so wide!

Wouldn't you know, to Hank's disbelief,
Out came a giant rawhide in the shape of a wreath.
And for Daisy a rawhide of the same size,
Some tuna in a can for Duchess was her prize.

As quickly as he'd come and dropped off the treats,
Santy Paws left up the chimney how fast he retreats.
The clamor of hooves on the roof Hank did hear,
And back to the window Buddy Bear went to peer.

To Hank's wondering eyes he saw the team fly away,
The reindeer in front, Santy Paws back in the sleigh.
And Santy Paws said as he flew into the moonlight,
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"