Tuesday, January 31, 2012


guess what?  i've entered a competition!  but there must be some sort of mistake - i'm entered in the "Bad Sports" category.  that can't possibly be correct because i'm clearly just an adorable angel dog!  i would never do anything bad!

apparently the evidence for this "Bad Sports" entry is contained in the video below.  this video is quite obviously a photoshopped, computer graphics-generated, animatronics-created, falsity of a video.  i mean i'm a big loveable 80lb dog - how on earth could i jump up on a 3 foot counter as nimbly as a kitty cat?  and even if i were to get up there, i would never look around, and especially not put my feet up on the refrigerator to look at what was on top!  not innocent hank.  

so i certainly should win a competition for being so cute, but i don't know about this whole "Bad Sports" nonsense.  check out the competition at http://mangominster.blogspot.com/